Does your fence need a face lift?

Ozgro Pot Plant Hangers help transform the look of a fence. Ozgro has Plant Hangers for Colorbond® style and traditional
wooden fencing. Place a hanging pot or basket onto your HangUp and add plants!

HangUps do not require any nails or screws to install. With a ‘tilt and hook-in’ design, they can be placed on your fence in moments.
HangUps can be unhooked and moved to another section of fencing just as easily. Expensive plants can be moved to suit changing
weather conditions. It couldn’t be simpler!

If you move house, you can take them with you! Ozgro HangUps are made from strong zinc-coated steel for maximum weather
protection. These totally Australian owned and manufactured products are offered in six great colours to suit most fences
(Dark Green, Primrose, Mist Green, Brown, Stone and Merino).

Features include:

* Easy to use
* Can be moved by the young through to the elderly
* No need to bend or stoop to reach plants
* Easy to move plants on scorching hot days to a more shady place!
* Portable
* Uses minimal space
* Allows space for other plants to grow in the ground below
* Stable in strong winds
* Use your imagination: Hang wind chimes, pool scoops, garden hose etc.
* No holes in your fence